Story Retelling "The Bear, the Duck and the Bison"

Reading aloud is great! Children benefit from the cuddly time with mum or dad with a nice children's book on the couch. They can rest, relax and spend time with their parents. In addition to the cosy togetherness, reading aloud also promotes the children's reading skills later on.

What is particularly important when reading aloud is the opportunity for children to be able to talk with you while you are reading aloud. Parents should not just "work through" the text and let their children listen quietly. Discussions about the stories and pictures in children's books are particularly exciting.

To make reading our book " The Bear, the Duck and the Bison" an experience and to include your child in the story, here is an extra goodie for free download.

In the PDF are small paper dolls to cut out, with which the story can be retold or even told completely new. Your child can build the sign, which bear and duck build, themselves and label it with your help.
A large bison paper figure can also be made together. Only split pins are needed.

Coloring pages should not be missing! Of course there are three pages, matching the book, contained in the PDF.

Required are:

  • printer
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pen
  • split pins
  • wooden sticks (shashlik skewers or old ice sticks)


The book "The bear, the duck and the bison - in which we go to Canada"

is available here if you are interested in bilingual education it is also available in german here.

Download PDF here

Story retelling worksheets
Story retelling worksheets with paperdolls, paper sign, bison jumping jack, coloring pages
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 32.7 MB